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Save On New Construction Costs With Spray Foam Insulation



When you plan Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation into the cost of your new home, SPF can save you money on the building costs as well as heating and cooling costs.

SPF insulation will cost more to install in your new home than other insulations. Depending on the type of insulation SPF is being compared to, SPF insulation can cost twice as much. However when SPF is being planned into the construction of the home, the savings can be significantly greater than the costs. Here is the rest of the story:


Using SPF insulation, your HVAC budget can be decreased because your builder can use smaller heating and air conditioning units.


The efficiency of SPF has been tested and documented to show that both heating and air conditioning units can be downsized without any loss of efficiency or comfort.

Using SPF insulation can significantly decrease your construction costs by using 2×4 instead of 2×6 construction while giving you a stronger home!

  • A 2×6 wall with fiberglass insulation will have, as measured by Oak Ridge National Laboratories, an R 13.2 insulation value in spite of the batt being labeled R19! If we use 3 inches of closed cell Spray foam insulation, a 2×4 wall will have an insulation value of R20 with 3” of closed cell foam and stronger walls!

  • There are some significant costs to 2×6 construction, the window and door jambs must be wider, requiring the purchase of a jamb extender which can increase the cost by $12 to $15 per opening.

  • The cost of 2x4x8’ studs is 40% less than a 2x6x8’ studs. On top of that, there are the bottom and the two top plates.



SPF also can add structural strength to buildings.


National Association of Home Builders Research demonstrated SPF filled walls could add from 75% to 200% racking strength to walls of OSB, plywood, light gauge metal, vinyl siding or gypsum board.

Bottom line: a better insulated and stronger home that costs less to build!

Our spray foam products are safe for any application. They are evaluated and certified by Greenguard where they are tested against any known hazards and guaranteed to meet strict air quality standards. We are a spray foam insulation manufacturer that only uses non-emissive amine catalysts and our sprayers emit very low amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


We’re the Kalamazoo-area’s leading foam insulation contractor.

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