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Foam For Insulating Basements


Spray polyurethane foam has been tested and approved for application to both inside and outside of basement walls.

2 lb foam has been tested and approved for application on outside basement walls by the National Research Council of Canada after an exhaustive 2-year study. The only requirement was that when foam is exposed to sunlight, that it be coated with pain.

2 inches of 2 lb foam has been a standard for insulating basement walls for years.

The introduction of one-pound foam provides options as 3 inches of 1 lb insulation has a greater “R” value than 2 inches of 2 lb and at lower cost.

In-floor heating can also benefit from foam insulation. Traditionally, once the ground is prepared, sheets of styrofoam or expanded polystyrene boards are taped or caulked together to provide a base for the heat assembly. The boards can leak at the seams and can also crack as the plumber installs the heating assembly on them. Instead, a layer of 2 lb foam can be sprayed on the ground and is stable, seamless and will support the installation of the heat assembly without cracking or failing.


Foam saves you money on energy

Our spray foam products are safe for any application. They are evaluated and certified by Greenguard where they are tested against any known hazards and guaranteed to meet strict air quality standards. We are a spray foam insulation manufacturer that only uses non-emissive amine catalysts and our sprayers emit very low amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


We’re the Kalamazoo-area’s leading foam insulation contractor.

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